Without non-pollutant AND extreme materials, we realized that we couldn’t build the world we wanted.
Inspired by the most astonishing accomplishments of biological processes, we realized the solution was right under our noses all along.
Spider silks are the kind of game breaking materials that can allow us to overcome the challenges we face. Now we produce it.

Thanks to these kinds of materials and our methods of production, we can do better with less. Better and tailor-made characteristics with less predation on our environment.
We can cover a huge range of high performance materials, from glue-type ones to unbreakable and/or elastic threads, using only spider silks or spider silk-based composites.
Covering all types of industries and especially the transportation industry puts us in position to shift future trends and taking part in building the future.

All those innovation opportunity, and for the first time, without smashing our environment …