Spider silks and their properties allows to produce materials with amazing performance but also with a cleaner and more sustainable manufacturing process.


Spider silk is known for it’s high tensile strength. The unique combination of strength and elasticity of this fiber makes it a perfect base to reach the ultimate unbreakable material. Bulletproofing, heavy-weight lifting, bridges, buildings, safety, … The only limit … in fact there is none.

– Less weight = Less energy consumption

Regarding the properties of this material, a production at large scale of spider silk would allows us to build lighter vehicles that consume less fuels (bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks, trains, boat and last but not least planes and rockets).

– Lower embodied energy

It is commonly known that the industrial sectors of the materials production need a lot of energy. As an example, steel is made of iron which has to be extracted from the ground, concentrated, purified, melted, machined and transported many times. All those processes consume a lot of energy. In opposition, spider silk is a bio-sourced material and the fabrication process we are using consumes much less energy.

– Biodegradable material

Within a controllable amount of time exposed to environmental degradation, spider silk is biodegradable and recyclable almost indefinitely depending on its composition, also, isn’t toxic for any species. This means, no more waste and almost no more environmental impacts.

– Biocompatible

Silk biocompatibility and antimicrobial effects are of great interest for medical applications. It doesn’t contribute to antimicrobial resistance, doesn’t provoke an immune response and can even improve scarring on wounded tissues, among other wonderful properties.

– Carbon neutral material

Finally, considering all those advantages, we believe that spider silks are absolutely necessary to reach the objective of a carbon neutral society without reducing our quality of life too much and even keep going forward on the performance path.